Pique Technologies LLC

About Us

Service and transparent communication as our compass, Pique Technologies manages the entire Technology ecosystem.

From concept of technology Infrastructure/IT/AV design, consulting, through 24/7/365 Managed IT Service & Support, Pique Technologies is an unparalleled partner without limit. The single partner on your team that offers an unmatched range of solutions, turning technology of your next development or day to day business operations into a competitive advantage.


Personalized IT Service

With a proven track record of providing knowledgeable, courteous, and personalized IT service and support, Pique Technologies will help you navigate the ever-changing demands of technology. We do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach, instead establishing individual criteria catered to each client. 

Humanized Approach

We are passionate about helping others, solving problems, and always being available when you need us most. We understand that some things can’t wait until tomorrow, that customers (ours and yours) always come first. Our humanized approach to the world of IT ensures you always feel connected.


Knowledge & Collaboration

We value the vendors and organizations we are aligned with by absorbing the knowledge, collaborating with industry partners, and obtaining the certifications that these relationships afford us. We are proud supporters of BICSI, HFTP, and other valuable trade organizations.